Get ready to take your pellet grill to the next level with Kingsford Smoker Pellets. These 100% natural hardwood pellets are designed to add an authentic smokehouse flavor to your meats and vegetables. With five different flavor options to choose from – Cherry, Apple, Hickory, Oak, and the Competition Blend – you can create a unique and delicious smoky taste every time you grill. Not only do these pellets deliver incredible flavor, but they also offer a longer cooking time and less ash cleanup. Say goodbye to artificial flavor oils and filler woods, and say hello to the true taste of smokehouse barbecue. Visit to learn more and find out where you can purchase these game-changing smoker pellets.

Kingsford Launches Smoker Pellets: Authentic Smokehouse Flavor On Your Pellet Grill


In this article, we will be discussing Kingsford Smoker Pellets and how they can elevate your grilling game. Kingsford Smoker Pellets are 100% natural hardwood pellets that provide an authentic smokehouse flavor to any meat or vegetable. These pellets have no added filler woods or artificial flavor oils, ensuring a pure and high-quality grilling experience. We will explore the different flavor woods available, how to use the pellets, where to buy them, and the benefits of incorporating them into your grilling routine. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Kingsford Smoker Pellets

Kingsford Smoker Pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood, with no added filler woods or artificial flavor oils. This ensures that you are getting a pure and authentic smoke flavor with each use. The pellets have a longer cooking time and produce less ash, making cleanup a breeze. One of the standout features of Kingsford Smoker Pellets is their smoke profile, which clings to the meat and forms a smoke ring. This smoke ring is a desirable characteristic in smoked meats and adds to the overall flavor and appearance. Additionally, the flavor of the smoke permeates the meat, giving it a delicious smoky taste throughout.

Five Flavor Woods to Choose From

Kingsford Smoker Pellets offer a range of flavors to choose from, allowing you to customize the taste of your grilled dishes. The available flavor woods are:

  1. 100% Cherry: Cherry wood imparts a slightly sweet and fruity flavor to your meat or vegetables. It is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your dishes.

  2. 100% Apple: Apple wood provides a mild and delicate smoky flavor. It is a versatile choice that works well with a variety of meats and vegetables.

  3. 100% Hickory: Hickory is known for its strong and robust smoky flavor. It adds a rich and distinctive taste to your grilled dishes.

  4. 100% Oak: Oak wood offers a medium smoky flavor that is slightly lighter than hickory. It is a popular choice for adding a well-rounded and balanced smokiness to your food.

  5. Competition Blend: The competition blend combines different wood flavors to create a unique and complex smoke profile. It is a great option for those who want to experiment with different flavors.

With these options, you can choose the flavor that best complements your dish and enhances its taste.

How to Use Kingsford Smoker Pellets

Using Kingsford Smoker Pellets is simple and straightforward. Here are some recommendations for specific meats:

  1. Smoking Steaks with 100% Hickory Pellets: When grilling steaks, try using Kingsford 100% Hickory Pellets. Start by smoking the steaks on the smoke setting for at least an hour to infuse them with the smoky flavor. Then, increase the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and finish cooking the steaks to your desired level of doneness. The natural hardwood will provide a depth of hickory smoke flavor, eliminating the need for special seasonings or marinades.

  2. Recommendations for Other Meats: Experiment with different flavor woods based on the type of meat you are grilling. For example, apple wood pairs well with pork, while cherry wood complements poultry dishes. Feel free to mix and match flavors to create unique and delightful combinations.

By following these recommendations, you can achieve a delicious smoky flavor in your grilled dishes without the need for complicated seasonings or marinades.

Kingsford Launches Smoker Pellets: Authentic Smokehouse Flavor On Your Pellet Grill

Where to Buy Kingsford Smoker Pellets

To purchase Kingsford Smoker Pellets, you can visit their website at The website provides more information about the different flavor woods available and their recommended uses. Additionally, you can find local retailers that carry Kingsford Smoker Pellets. Simply enter your location on the website to find the nearest store. With the convenience of online and in-store options, you can easily get your hands on these high-quality pellets.

Benefits of Using Kingsford Smoker Pellets

Incorporating Kingsford Smoker Pellets into your grilling routine offers several benefits.

  1. Authentic Smokehouse Flavor: With Kingsford Smoker Pellets, you can achieve the same depth of flavor found in top smokehouse restaurants. The 100% natural hardwood creates a genuine smoke profile that enhances the taste of your grilled dishes.

  2. Adds Depth of Flavor: The smoke from the pellets infuses your meat or vegetables, adding an extra layer of complexity to the flavor profile. It takes your grilling game to the next level, impressing your friends and family with the depth of flavors.

  3. Delivers True Smokehouse Flavor: Kingsford Smoker Pellets are designed to replicate the flavors you would experience in a traditional smokehouse. They bring an authentic smoky taste to your grilled dishes.

  4. Enhances Grilling Experience: Using Kingsford Smoker Pellets allows you to explore new flavors and experiment with different wood combinations. It adds excitement and variety to your grilling adventures.

By incorporating Kingsford Smoker Pellets into your grilling routine, you can elevate the taste of your dishes and enjoy an authentic smokehouse experience from the comfort of your backyard.

Kingsford Launches Smoker Pellets: Authentic Smokehouse Flavor On Your Pellet Grill

Guide to Pellet Grills

If you are new to pellet grills or want to learn more about them, offers a comprehensive guide to pellet grills. This guide provides valuable information on how pellet grills work, their benefits, and tips for using them effectively. It is a great resource for anyone looking to expand their grilling knowledge and skills.


Kingsford Smoker Pellets are a game-changer in the world of grilling. With their 100% natural hardwood composition and range of flavor woods, they offer an authentic smokehouse flavor that elevates any meat or vegetable. Whether you prefer the fruity notes of cherry wood or the robustness of hickory, Kingsford Smoker Pellets have something for everyone. By using these pellets, you can enhance the taste of your grilled dishes and impress your friends and family with your grilling skills. Experience the authentic smokehouse flavor with Kingsford Smoker Pellets and take your grilling game to new heights.

Kingsford Launches Smoker Pellets: Authentic Smokehouse Flavor On Your Pellet Grill

About Kingsford Pellets

Kingsford Pellets brings 90 years of grilling tradition to their high-quality wood pellets. They are known for their commitment to delivering a superior grilling experience and providing products that enhance the flavor of your food. With Kingsford Smoker Pellets, you can trust that you are using a reliable and reputable brand that brings the authentic taste of the smokehouse to your grill.

Contact Information

For more information about Kingsford Smoker Pellets, visit You can also connect with Kingsford on social media platforms to stay updated on their latest news and offerings. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to join their grilling community and receive valuable tips and inspiration for your next barbecue.

Remember, with Kingsford Smoker Pellets, you can achieve an authentic smokehouse flavor and elevate your grilling game to new heights. Happy grilling!

Kingsford Launches Smoker Pellets: Authentic Smokehouse Flavor On Your Pellet Grill


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